week 3

Weekly Sketch

Astro chimps

The first hominid to be sent into space was a chimpanzee called Ham. Ham was an acronym for Holloman Aerospace Medical Center, but this was not his only name. His first name was no.65 but was referred by his handlers as Chop Chop Chang.

on January 31 1961 he was launched from cape Canaveral on a sub orbital flight. but he wasn’t just a passenger, he had a job to do. he was used as a test to see if actions could be carried out in space as easily as on Earth. With that in mind he was taught to push a lever within five seconds of seeing a flashing blue light. if he failed he would get an electric shock delivered through his feet. If he got it right he would get a banana pellet.

His flight was a success and the capsule was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean. His flight was 16 minutes 39 seconds long and only resulted in a bruised nose.


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