week 13

Weekly Sketch

out of the frying pan

Another page from my sketch book. this one is again based on an old pulp cover. The original image was a fisherman harpooning a fish. I changed it to a man escaping a building fire.

when I was young I read a Batman comic where Batman had to rescue the parents of Tim Drake (the second Robin) for some reason he found him self having to traverse a bed of hot coals. Batman’s internal dialogue went on to explain how it worked in a very practical sense, Yet for some reason even though the physics of fire walking are well know, so much so that even children can read about it in a comic there are still a lot of people who attribute magical reasoning to it such as ‘mind over matter’ and ‘positive thinking’ . In reality it doesn’t matter how positive your outlook , you can safely walk across the coals as long as you pay attention and don’t dawdle.

Hot coals are made up of mostly carbon which makes a poor heat conductor.  there is also a layer of ash on top the coals which acts as an additional protective barrier. Ash is also poor conductor of thermal energy. did you know that ash was sometimes used as an insulation material in ice boxes?

Different materials transfer heat differently. which is why your coffee or tea will go cold quicker if you leave the spoon in the cup. the metal draws the heat out and radiates it to the rest of the room.



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