Week 16

Weekly Sketch

take a seat!


Colt Riptide was the best silent movie stuntman the world had every seen. When the big movie men came in from the city and said they wanted to make a movie and needed rough and ready types to do the stunts Colt Riptide volunteered. This could be his chance to get out of this jerk water town and really make a name for himself. maybe earn a little money and some land, nothing too fancy but good all the same. Maybe find himself someone to settle down with and raise a family. Then come back into town and burn it all to the ground and salt the earth. Colt Riptide had a secret. He had seen what this town had done to his folks. How Mr Knifejack the big land owner squeezed every penny out of his father until that one day when he walked out into the fields with his riffle and never came back, how his mother was never the same. Yes sir, this town was going to eat some humble pie and Colt was the man to dish it out.



the term ‘jerk water town’ comes from steam locomotives in the American west. Trains had to stop for water every seven or ten miles. Some towns where too small to have a train station and all they had was the water tower which you had to ‘jerk’ a chain to make the water come out. A ‘jerk water town’ was a town too small for a train station and not worth visiting.


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