Week 25

Weekly Sketch

In-destruct-a-Paul. Born with the unique power of nigh indestructability but average human strength jumps out of light aircraft and plummets towards the escaping boat of the slave trader Hiru Dina in an attempt to stop her evil ways. In-destruct-a-Paul  knows no fear, unfortunately he can know pain.


not many people are able to survive free falling from an aircraft but in reality it can happed. most of these incident the survivors are called ‘wreckage riders’ because they fell to earth with a piece of the plane. most survivors are crew members because they have better seat restraints the second best chance is to be a child.The Federal Aviation Agency study notes that children under the age of 4, have more flexible skeletons, more relaxed muscle, also they are smaller so their heads are lower than the seat backs in front of them so they are shielded from debris in a plane that’s coming apart. their Lower body weight reduces terminal velocity, (the maximum speed they will fall) .

there are 31 incidents of free fallers recorded since the 1940’s. one such example is British tail gunner Nicholas Alkemade. In 1944 he fell without a parachute landing in snowy bushes following an 18,000-foot plummet.


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