Week 36

Weekly Sketch

The Robot Outlaw doesn’t have a leg to stand on after his showdown with the villain, De Honnecourt’s men. After tracking them back to their hideout in the hills, one misstep resulting in the snapping of a twig was all it took to bring their wrath down upon him before he had the chance to formulate a plan. The fire fight took its toll on our hero and he was only just capable of dragging him self towards a home stead. which was made visible in the night time only by the flickering of fire light through the windows. The Robot Outlaw near fatally wounded crawled towards the home stopping only to fire of shots the De Honnecourt’s men. Just as The Robot Outlaw began to suspect his adventures finally had come to an end the door opened and out ran a woman. Dragging him to the safty of her home The Robot Outlaw made a promise to thank her. If only they could survive the night.


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