Week 42

Weekly Sketch

Tim went to a fun fare that only appears every seven years on a full moon and never in the same location twice. After winning a toy bear Tim’s next challenge was to kill it before it killed him.


The Care Bears were created in 1981 by Those Characters From Cleveland  which was the licensing division of American Greetings Corporation. A Greetings card company. Jack Chojnacki, the co-president of TCFC, introduced the first Care Bear to six businessmen—three from American Greeting Cards, and three from the toy company Kenner.

Muriel Fahrion, the artist who designed the look of Strawberry Shortcake designed the first six bears. Susan Trentel, Muriel’s sister and doll designer of Strawberry Shortcake, designed the Care Bears plush toys. Then children’s book illustrator Elena Kucharik became the lead artist for the Care Bears creating full colour illustrations for cards, books and products.


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