Green Stairs


Green Stairs

40cm by 50cm Acrylic on canvas. this is a secluded area on the Stratford upon Avon canal in Birmingham uk (52°24’45.5″N 1°54’05.8″W) I had to give the map coordinates as there is no other reference for it on a map that I could find. These stairs lead to the side of the canal where the Barges (narrow flat bottomed boats which carried goods in the industrial revolution) could be moored up. Just to the left of this picture is the entrance to a tunnel which the boats would have to travel through in the pitch black.

I have worked hard to eliminate an obsessive compulsive disorder. An eco of this can be seen in my desire to paint all the leaves that I could see in the photo I took for this painting. I am quite pleased with the results of this painting. I have a pleasant memory of painting it.



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