Week 57

Weekly Sketch

El Diablo leaps down from the wall of the church swinging his mighty flaming sword. No bandits shall enter the town this night, not while there is any breath in his body.

Joaquin Murrieta Carrillo . born 1829 and died July 25, 1853. Is one of the inspirations for the Character of Zorro. He was sometimes called the Robin Hood of Mexico.


Murrieta went to California in 1849 to seek his fortune in the California Gold Rush. he and his wife were attacked by American miners, They allegedly beat him and raped his wife.

It was wrote that Murrieta was from Hermosillo in the northern Mexican state of Sonora and that he had a gang made up of relatives and friends. He engaged in illegal horse trade with Mexico, and his gang had helped Murrieta kill at least six of the Americans who had attacked him and his wife.


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