Week 87

Weekly Sketch

Fiona Marshell Breaks the glass in the emergency fire box, releasing the emergency fire fighting robot.


The U.S. Navy has been researching the use of robots to put out fires on board ships.

The  Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SaFFiR) is working on a humanoid robot that walks like a person and carries a fire hose.

SAFFiR stands at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 143 pounds. They want to design the robot with super-human range of motion to maneuver in complex spaces in a ship.


Week 86

Weekly Sketch

living aboard the satellite orbiting the Earth brings about many challenges. when engineer Harris needed dental treatment, it was professor Bainbridge who decided to utilise the satellites laser  to preform the task.

Week 85

Weekly Sketch

Future Space cop hunts Future villains …in Space. okay so its not my best sketch but that’s not what this post is about. these are just pages stripped from my sketch book. there not all going to be good. your forgiveness and tolerance is greatly appreciated. LOL.


Happy new year , I sincerely hope that you receive back some of the good that you have put into this world. you’re a good person and your existence does make this world our ours a better place. you are loved.

Week 83

Weekly Sketch


Train-osaurus Rex. As the rail road cuts deeper into the Americas, strange monstrous creatures wait around every turn . It’s ‘Box Car ‘ Bills job to keep things on track.

when the Transcontinental railroad opened in the late 1800’s scientists could scavenge the land in search of fossils to prove Darwins theory of evolution…and make a ton of money in the process. Two such dinosaur hunters where Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope.


these two men where very different, Marsh was seen as a bit of a con man and a huckster who didn’t share credit with his own team while Cope seemed to be loved by friend and workers alike and often shared or gave away credit of the discoveries he found.

After Cope had made an introduction to a quarry owner where fossils could be found. Marsh went behind his back and struck up a secret deal for the site. taking all the money and prestige that came with it. Cope organised his own expeditions with inheritance money but found he was often spied on by Marshes men.