Week 71

Weekly Sketch

Scientists living underwater in their sea-lab make an exoskeleton so that fish can experience what it is like to be on land. Over come with a new sense of power the fish revolts.


SEALAB was developed in 1964 as a way of exploring human viability saturation diving and living in isolation for extended periods of time. It contained four passengers and was halted after eleven days due to a tropical storm.

SEALAB I was commanded by Captain George F. Bond who’s nickname was “Papa Topside”.

Week 70

Weekly Sketch

Corporal Blake uses all his effort to hold the casket closed. He starts to think that maybe guarding the store room at Area 51 was not a good assignment.


Located along the southern shore of Groom Lake, approximately eighty-three miles northwest of downtown Las Vagas is Area 51 but what does the ’51′refer to?”

the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA uses code names to reference people, operations and other agencies. In the hope that they could attract workers to the base where they would be testing the new U-2 Spy Plane, Area 51 was originally named Paradise Ranch.

The number 51 refers to the parcel of land. Maps dating back to the 1950s mark the area of land surrounding Groom Lake, approximately 6 miles north-to-south by 10 miles east-to-west, as Area 51.